3 Link Building Tactics for Your WordPress Site

Your website requires different elements to be practically beneficial for your business. Filling it with thought-provoking and informative content but not caring about how people can find them and read them is not a smart thing to do. Rather, considering these elements altogether and doing your best to ameliorate them can significantly boost your business and give you a stronger online brand image.

Getting the search engines to recognize your articles is possible through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as link building. Without observing your content to have SEO standards or include reputable links, you cannot stand out among your rivals in your niche in the digital world. When there is no one to read your articles, you are off the attention and therefore, unknown to everyone. And that is not what you would desire!

To stay connected to the world out there and capture attention, it is essential for your website to follow the standards. Using SEO standards and building strong links within other websites’ blog posts or articles help the search engines recognize you. However, this is not the only contribution yet! Link building also gives your website a higher rank because the search engines find your website authoritative. 

Well, it is quite straightforward to grasp the gist. Link building is to ask other websites to add the links of your website in their content. When a website uses your links in its content, you get backlinks to your website. Backlinks give a higher rank to your website because the search engines realize that other websites are referring to your website. 

As a result, backlinks to your website determine how strong your website is. The more you have backlinks to your articles and blog posts, the higher your website rank will become. Since your articles are thought to be a reference for those websites, people will trust your content and will click on the link and start reading it. 

Taken as a whole, the more your articles have backlinks, the higher the chance that they appear as the first few search results when someone searches the similar SEO keyword as your article. On the other hand, newer articles are less likely to appear as they have no backlinks. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize your most important articles and start building backlinks to them. 

On the way to building links, some website owners may make mistakes that they should really avoid. If you want to have a successful website in terms of technical issues that lead to your presence recognition by your target audience, do your best to avoid these mistakes:

Adding your website links in the comment sections of other websites is dangerous because you can provide spam for them. However, if the content of those websites is highly relevant to the content you want to share its link, then the risk gets lower. 

It is not a serious mistake to add your website links to forums. However, the links that you build there are not of high quality. So, they will not be effective enough for your website. 

Submitting the Website to Directories

As search engines have replaced directories, there is no use in submitting your website to directories. So, investing time in this procedure is something you should avoid and instead think of useful ways of getting your backlinks published. 

Websites with a normal rank do not ask you to pay them for publishing your backlinks. Therefore, you should remember that you do not pay for this unless the website is a well-known one and has a very high rank. Paying the normal websites would just give them the incentive to get your money and spam your links. 

Here we will put forth some tactics for link building for your WordPress site. The thing to consider is that link building takes time to turn out fruitful. There is no shortcut or fast way to get a high rank by the search engines. Accordingly, you should be patient and expect the results in the long run. 

1. Create High-Quality Captivating Content

One necessity of link building is to have high-quality, captivating, and more organized blog posts and content. When it comes to content marketing, SEO talks the loudest. Therefore, learning SEO standards is the first step you should take towards creating content. In other words, your website should be standard by itself from a search engine’s point of view. For instance, the WordPress Yoast service helps you a lot in refining your article and increases its readability and SEO standards in WordPress

Moreover, your articles should not be too short to only cover the surface of the title. It should go in-depth and explore what is beneath the surface. One great advantage of doing this is that it can be confidently referred to by other websites. Therefore, you can have many backlinks from other websites.

Remember that you do not need to make all your articles worth referring to because according to statistics, 55.24% of pages do not have a single backlink. Just choose a number of topics that you think you can cover comprehensively yet in detail, write powerful catchy headlines for your blog posts, and rock on!

2. Contact Other Websites 

If you have perfectly created captivating and high-quality content and still cannot get backlinks organically, here is one solution. Search for the websites that work in the same or similar niche as you, Then, try contacting them using a proper tone and language and ask them if it is possible to link to your article in their content. Be careful about the words you choose and try to leave a great impression on them so that they are convinced to link to your high-quality content.

3. Write Qualified Guest Posts

While working on your own blog posts, you can simultaneously write high-quality content as guest posts for well-reputed websites. Inside the guest post, you can add your own article links if the other party does not prohibit you from doing that. So, here is how it works: you provide good-quality content for the other websites and they add your link in return. You need to wait for the approval of your guest post after its submission, so the other websites can reject your guest post if it is not professional. Under such circumstances, you should write as if you are writing for your own website. 

To find the websites, easily search them on Google or other search engines that you prefer. Then, look for their contact details and write an email to them if you think you can write a guest post while observing their guest post policies. Many of the websites have a guideline section for guest posts so it is easy to find somewhere on their websites. If there is none, you can ask for the guidelines in the email you are sending to them.


If you want to grow your WordPress site, you should first enhance the quality of your content. The next step is link building which gives your WordPress site a higher rank. When progressively keep the two tasks going, you will definitely see the results in the long run. In the meanwhile, promote your articles on your own as well; share them on social media, do employee advocacy marketing, add your link to the Instagram bio, etc. Remember to keep up with the tactics mentioned in this article and wish you the best of luck!

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