4 Reasons Why Blogging should be Part of your Marketing Strategy


Similar to social media and emails, blogging is one more tool that can help you achieve your marketing goals. Having an update blog on your website helps you create an online persona with which target customers can easily relate with. Compared to one page ‘about page’, a blog allows you to put sale pitches that customers can easily find when they want to.

Still not convinced why you should invest in a business blog as part of marketing strategy? Here are 4 more reasons to get thinking about your first or next blog post:

Online reputation management

As more business terrains get submerged in the ‘online-flood’, the quality of your customer engagement is determined by the effectiveness of your online presence. From comments to polls and forums, a blog is an excellent tool in helping you manage your business’s online reputation.

The images, videos, infographics, interviews, and other content shared on the blog will give customers better insight into your company’s goals, interests, values, and activities. What’s more, your ability to craft blog posts that center on issues that are relevant to your audience helps build brand trust and positively shapes customers’ perception of ‘who you are’.

Establishes your niche-authority

Asides being able to maintain the best SEO practices, your ability to constantly create and share well-research and well-written blog posts is a right step to establishing yourself as an authority or expert in your niche.

As you keep on churning out relevant information and offering solutions to customers’ problems, you will build in a them a sense of trust and familiarity that will eventually culminate in them completing their purchase order.

Valuable Feedback

Thanks to its ability to drive traffic to your website, a blog presents you with more options of sourcing for customers’ feedback. From moderating comments to engaging in real-time communication as customers read through blog pages, you are bound to get a clearer insight into their preferences.

This, in turn, will help you develop better customer relationships as you will have a better understanding of how to improve your products, services, and marketing strategies.

Online visibility

Compared to websites that only have a few web pages that can be indexed by search engine crawlers, running a blog on your website ensure that there is something new and relevant to be indexed. What this means is that your website has a higher chance of ranking high in search results whenever searchers make use of keywords that are related to your business in their search queries.

However, how well you rank on search result pages is determined by your ability to adhere to the best SEO techniques which include using long-tail keywords, adding the right alt text to images, using relevant inbound and outbound links, etc. The better you get at SEO management, the higher the chances of customers finding you online.

Already thinking of your next or first blog post? What an excellent decision!

Without a doubt, your business will definitely benefit from running a blog on its website. Should you discover that you don’t have the luxury of time to create content or manage the blog, you can easily outsource it to companies that offer blog management services.

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