5 Secrets for Converting Visitors into Paying Customers

In today’s world, a large number of marketing strategies and campaigns are targeted at driving customers to landing pages and company websites. Be it via pay-per-click advertising or organic marketing, boosting traffic to gain website visitors is the primary focus of every marketing goal.

That said, when the visitors start rolling in you need to be able to convert them into paying customers. Most strategies excel in increasing visitors but fall short in converting them to paying customers. Such tactics are only partly successful and need to be improved. 

So in this piece, we will show you 5 powerful tips that will help you convert your website traffic into paying customers.

Have a Dedicated Landing Page 

Dedicating a specific landing page for your offers is one of the most crucial factors in effectively converting web traffic into customers. In fact, effective landing pages are responsible for converting 30% of visitors

Most web users visit your website for specific reasons and if on getting to the webpage they can’t easily identify the reason for coming to the website, they’ll bounce.

For example, if a prospect clicks on a pay-per -click ad link advertising your product because they want to buy that product and it ends up redirecting them to a generic homepage, they’ll most likely change their mind about the purchase.
See Transferwise’ landing page for instance. The brand offers cross-border financial services and the first thing you encounter when you hit their landing page as a visitor is a currency calculator of the exact currencies that drove you to click on their link.

You don’t meet some jargon text but rather, front and center, the very reason that you’re on their platform is what you’ll encounter. 

Why go through all this trouble for a landing page? For one, 75% of consumers state that they make judgments on a brand’s credibility based on the business’ website design. 

This means they begin to have doubts about your company the moment they encounter difficulties on your website. 

To avoid this, you need dedicated landing pages for advertised offers as this will ensure a seamless purchase process for prospects. And, it goes without saying that every dedicated landing page needs to have a live chat widget to interact with visitors & keep them engaged. Simply put, dedicated landing pages makes the purchase process instant and easy for visitors.

Use Freebies to Your Advantage

While offering freebies might seem contradictory to the goal of acquiring paying customers, the fact remains that by giving a little will get you more in return. And this goes beyond just monetary returns. 

You can offer free incentives like coupons, discounts, free merchandise, and access to information like industry research reports for every purchase. Freebies are a huge attraction for website visitors and will likely induce a purchase.

For example, loyalty programs run by so many successful brands work on the very principle that people love free stuff. You promise them free stuff that’s relevant to them and you gain their loyalty. Just like Starbucks giving it’s “coffee-loving” customers free coffee if they keep purchasing. 

Besides such freebies, offering free resources like industry opinions, whitepapers, webinars, etc. are an excellent way of ensuring brand credibility and putting an expert stamp on yourself in the mind of your visitors. These aspects can impact the purchase decision of your visitors.

Display Positive Feedback and Testimonials

The fact is that consumers and people in general trust the opinion of other consumers (people) than that of a company. No amount of brand information is more effective in convincing visitors than real reviews and testimonials by other users.

User-generated content like testimonials, feedback, and reviews are amongst the most potent marketing tools you can have in your arsenal. Even negative reviews can be effective if you show how you politely solved the issue and the results of doing so.

Display all your positive reviews on your various landing pages in areas that visitors can easily see. This will help build trust in your offer since they can see other people like them who have had successful experiences purchasing from your business just like they intend to.

Another strategy you can use with this method is via influencers. If you have influencer endorsement or reviews be sure that you place them at the center or front of your landing page. 

If visitors see someone that they respect, trust, and idolize approving of your offer they’ll most likely convert.

By giving visitors access to all the positive reviews, testimonials, and feedback by previous customers about your brand you can easily convert them to become paying customers as well. 

Trust is a major factor in influencing purchases and if you can handle the trust factor, you can be sure of converting prospects into customers. And one thing is certain people trust other people more than they do businesses. 

Speed Optimisation is Key

Retailers lose $2.6 billion worth of sales to slow loading websites annually. This goes beyond encouraging sales but affects your brand credibility as well. That’s because a slow loading website will make visitors leave your website before they even see your offer. And they don’t just leave your website, they bounce with a  perception that you don’t offer what you claim. 

So what do you do? Steer clear of stuffing your website with unnecessary information and use user-friendly designs. You can link up with a website development brand to help you know the right website structure that displays your information without hampering quality user experience. 

Have a Bold and Obvious Call-to-Action 

All a web user requires to locate the section of a website that creates their first impression of the same is 2.6 seconds.

So many businesses invest a huge portion of their resources in building a website but neglect this vital aspect. Call-to-Actions are crucial in communicating the reason you directed web users to your website. Whether it’s to subscribe to a newsletter, purchase products, or get access to your latest offers, you need to state the information boldly and clearly.

You should ensure that your call to action is highlighted on your web page. To do this you can either use an image or pick a text format different from the one on the page. 

Here’s a great example of 4Ocean’s Call-to-Action that uses an image with a bold and clear instruction of what they want web users to do: “subscribe to commit to cleaner oceans“. 

This CTA is front and center on their product page and informs the web user visually and textually what action they want them to take. 

Placing a clear statement suggestion can be very effective in convincing customers to take steps to do what is required. 


Driving visitors to your website is just the first step. And if your marketing strategy involves the expenditure of resources (organic or paid advertising) you need to recover the same to remain in business and the only way to do this is by having visitors make a purchase. 

With the tips listed in this piece, you can effortlessly convert your website traffic into paying customers while growing your company’s credibility as well. 

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