5 things you should know about the reseller portal

The reseller portal is a portal that allows you to resell our products at your prices to your customers via a free website that you get when you sign up. 

You can edit the selling prices of the products through your reseller account. These changes will subsequently reflect on your website.

There are 5 things to note about the reseller portal

It is easy to use and navigate:

The reseller portal is very easy to use and was created for people who cannot boast of technical skills. You can edit the selling prices of the products through your reseller account. You can also customize your website.

You’ll get a free website: 

Upon signing up, you are given a free reseller website which will include all the products you will be reselling. The full list of domains and hosting plans are available to view.

Automated payment reminders and invoices:

The portal sends automated payment reminders and invoices to your customers after their initial payment. There is no need to keep track of when to send reminders when the system is doing that for you.

No technical/coding knowledge required:

Truly, the reseller portal is a sophisticated system but it does not require you to be a techie. Since it is very easy to use, you can sell products, receive payments and manage orders on the portal. So, don’t let the fear of coding prevent you from using the platform.

You are part of a thriving online community: 

You don’t know how to push your business online. Rest assured, we are here to help you. Join other resellers like you and become part of our telegram group where we share tips and carry out free training to help you grow your business. To join the group, please click here 

Sign up to the reseller portal today to have the business you deserve. To visit the reseller portal, please visit resell.whogohost.com

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