6 Elements Of a Successful Highly-Converting Landing Page

Are you looking for the best way to invite people to buy more products and services? Well, this is what your landing page is going to do! Actually, you may need a landing page to attract newsletter subscribers, get more customers, or even build podcast subscribers. By the way, the main objective of a highly-converting landing page is to compel your visitors to take some specific actions.

But what elements should a landing page have to successfully turn viewers into subscribers and customers? This is what I am going to talk about in this article. In the following, I’ll mention 6 pro tips to have a highly-converting landing page. But first, take a look at the following image to have an idea of the 6 must-have elements of a landing page. 

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A Captivating Headline 

Unquestionably, the most important part of a highly-converting landing page is the main headline. This is the first thing that viewers notice on your landing page. Hence, it must be highly attractive and perfectly state the offer and value proposition. 

Actually, some marketers believe that sharing a bewildering headline increases the chance of being read. However, this is nothing but a misconception. Your potential customers want to immediately know the offer. So, choose a concise headline to make sure that your prospects know what the offer is. 

Here’s an example of a captivating headline. It clearly announces the topic of the landing page, perfectly offers the value, and gives brief but exact information about the offer. 

captivating headline sample
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High-Quality and Eye-Catching Images 

Images play an essential role in creating a highly-converting landing page. Studies show that using human faces increases your website’s conversion rate. Also, it has been mentioned that sharing images of happy humans, is more beneficial in attracting people to your landing page because they impress viewers and make them feel better about your website. 

By the way, this is not the only reason to use images. Some users don’t bother to read what you have shared on your landing page and instead, take a look at the images to have an idea of the main purpose of your business. So, choose a high-quality image that perfectly describes your website and attracts people. 

Here’s an example of a landing page that perfectly used the aforementioned tips about images. Just by looking at the image shared on this website, you’ll know that it’s a medical website and by looking at those happy faces, you will feel positive about their services. 

Image source: grangermedica

Attractive CTAs

Remember the main purpose of having a landing page? Exactly! You want to attract people to engage in some specific actions on your website. Well, if you want to stand out in the era of big eCommerce platforms, you should be clear, prominent, and assertive. This is what a “call to action” button helps you with. 
Using CTAs, you show your viewers where to go on your website to get the information they are looking for. But be careful! Your CTA must be related to what you are offering and also your purpose. For instance, you cannot add a “Buy Now” button on a landing page which is used for getting newsletter subscribers.

attractive CTAs

Perfect Offers and Value Propositions

To turn your viewers into customers, you must offer them something valuable. A unique selling proposition can be a deal maker and boost your business. This special offer can be related to some events during the year. This way, you can also attract more people to your website by using event-related keywords. 
Moreover, as a professional tip, keep pop-ups in mind. This way, you make your offer bolder and drive more attention to your propositions. However, make sure that you are having a mobile-friendly website because mobile users are 160% more likely to convert into shoppers.

offer samples
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Intriguing Videos

As mentioned previously, some people don’t bother to read texas in order to get the information they want. It is true that images can perfectly describe the purpose of your website and services. However, if you want to give an exact introduction to your products and services, and describe your brand more professionally, I suggest you create a short video and invite people to play and watch it. 

shopify samples
Image Source: Shopify

Trust Badges and Social Proof

According to Oberlo, there are 3.5 billion social media users in 2020 which is growing day by day. It seems to be easier for people to follow you on social media platforms and purchase your products using Instagram, Facebook, etc. Hence, to make sure that you’re not losing potential customers, implement all your trusted social media accounts to have a highly-converting landing page.
This way, you’ll not only grow the number of customers but also get more real followers without using any Instagram followers apps, YouTube subscribers, and also brand advocates. Additionally, your social accounts provide you the opportunity to share multiple photos of your products which cannot be done using your landing page.

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Final Thoughts 

To sum it up, to have a highly-converting landing page, you must care about each element you add to it. In this article, I described the anatomy of a perfect landing page and all that is left is to be creative in trying each tip. 

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