7 Reasons Why You Need To Take Your Business Online

When I tell my friends who own businesses that they need to take their business online, the first thing they ask is “Why do I need to get a website”. Answering the question “Why?” puts things in perspective and helps you understand the value of something to you and your business.

I learned that while Steve Jobs was alive, he challenged every single operation within his company. Everyone, from the engineers to the accounting staff, had to have a reason why they did things a certain way. It is this critical assessment of their decisions and choices that made them do things differently.

Doing things because everyone is, is simply not good enough.

In the same manner as Steve Jobs, we are going to answer the fundamental questions about why, a small business owner, actually needs a website.

How Do You Take Your Business Online?

One word, websites. Now, here is why you need to have a website for your business:

  1. Cost-Effective – Believe it or not, owning a website is more cost-effective than renting an office space, equipping it, employing staff, furnishing and all the other necessities that come with owning office space. What’s more? You still need to renew rent when it expires. What would you need for a website? A one-time web design fee, renewable domain name and hosting which will cost you as little as N4000 yearly depending on the plan you choose. What’s more, you can operate your multi-million naira business from home and store your goods in a warehouse. That is so much more affordable than renting a store or office space.
  2. Credibility – If you have ever had difficulty making a sale or convincing someone that you are legit, having a well-structured website with great content will grant you instant credibility with anyone you sell your business to. These days, when you tell someone about your business, the first this they do is look you up on google or try to load your website to confirm that you are indeed the real deal. Having no concrete online presence other than business pages on social media does not cut it for most customers any more. You need to own a website to give you the much-needed credibility you need.
  3. Influence Buyer decisions – Owning a website means giving your business exposure to a massive audience of potential customers. Your website gives you the opportunity to influence their business/purchase decisions. You also get to educate them and list your self as an authority to be reckoned within your business sphere.
  4. Show off your pedigrees – Your business may have achieved a lot of milestones but if nobody knows about it, how will they know that you are a pro in your field? Your website gives you an avenue to show off your awards, client testimonials, achievements/milestones. This greatly influences the decisions of potential clients.
  5. Build a client base – You may have your products on social media platforms but I bet you do not have a client database for remarketing purposes. So they only end up as one time customers till they get a better offer from a business like yours. If you compete at this level, you will lose potential loyal clients to your competitors. However, if you own a website you drive them to, you can build a client base of everyone who has made a purchase via your website. It builds trust and gives you a professional outlook. You can educate them by integrating a blog on your website, you can update customers on your latest offers, products, promotions, events, photos, or other content.
  6. Beat your big competitors to their game – Perception is everything. You may be operating your business from home but people who visit your site will have the perception that you are as big as your competitors. If you have a functional and aesthetically designed website with a solid strategy behind it, you can smash the perceived wall between you and your big competitors.
  7. Secure Solid Partnerships – A business that could be interested in partnering with you will most likely the first search for you on the web. What do you think their perception will be when you have no concrete online presence? You got that right. They will flee like Joseph did from Egypt. To avoid this, you need to get a website.

Why Do You Need To Take Your Business Online?

Most businesses are growing their businesses via their website and we would like you to grow your business too. This is why we are offering businesses the opportunity to take their business online. We have made this as affordable as possible on our platform. You may not be able to afford professional web design but you can design a professional website your self without easy to use website builder. All you need is time and content and you are good to go. Doing business during this COVID period might sound difficult but we are here to help.

Take advantage of this opportunity as this offer expires on the 31st of March. Get 50% off on professional web design, 20% off on shared hosting and 20% off on our simple site builder. Visit whogohost.com/takeitonline now to get started.

Got questions, leave them in the comment section and we will get back to you soon.

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