7 Top-Notch Strategies to Writing Compelling PPC Ads

Does writing compelling PPC Ads seem like a challenging task for you? The good news is that you are not alone. A lot of people are trying to solve the same problem. 

The improvement of advanced technology made things easier for all businesses. They can advertise their business through different marketing channels from the comfort of their room. However, that also means the business world has become more competitive. The same opportunity is available to every entrepreneur that has a stable Wi-Fi connection. That is the reason why choosing top-notch strategies to write compelling PPC ads becomes essential. 

There has to be a good reason why PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something compared to organic website visitors. However, a big number of sales is not the only benefit businesses can get. Despite their cost-effectiveness, PPC ads can potentially provide instant traffic and drive warm leads. Also, their effectiveness does not depend on the algorithm changes because they rarely occur. That is the reason why they may seem less challenging compared to different SEO strategies. 

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean the success of a PPC ad campaign does not depend on someone’s marketing skills and knowledge. More precisely, every business owner has to follow the latest digital marketing trends to reach his goal. By gathering good quality pieces of information, entrepreneurs will manage to boost the quality of their PPC ads. In this article, they can find out some of the top-notch strategies to write compelling PPC ads. Let’s find them out together! 

Before Everything – Analyze the Previous PPC Ad Campaigns

Making a mistake in the business world can sometimes be costly. However, mistakes can also serve as the best possible lessons. People need to get back to their past PPC ad campaigns. They need to explore the reasons why their ads were not as effective as they imagined.

In most cases, entrepreneurs do not send the right message to the right people at the right time. However, it can also happen that competitors invested a lot of effort to defeat their opponents. For instance, let’s imagine that a company decides to run a PPC campaign on Facebook. It can potentially happen that the company has become a victim of a Facebook fake click ad fraud. In that way, their investments do not pay off in the end. 

All these details need to be clear to the people that are responsible for the company’s advertising. However, if they don’t know how to fix them, the next few strategies will solve their concerns. 

Explore the Characteristics of Your Target Audience

The target audience does not seek the businesses because of curiosity. They are looking for a service or a product that will help them solve a problem. The purpose of the PPC ad campaigns is to offer the solution the customers are looking for. 

Creating the buyer persona is the first step entrepreneurs need to make for every type of social media marketing campaign. The same rule counts when we talk about both, B2C and B2B businesses. Entrepreneurs need to understand which concerns, requirements, and expectation their ideal customers/clients have. In that way, they will know which benefits they should highlight in their PPC ad campaigns. Fortunately, getting these pieces of information is not challenging. You can get them through newsletters, surveys, social media and google analytics, etc. 

Be Direct!

If you are an active Internet user, then you know how many times you see a bunch of ads during the day. Things are not different when we talk about all the users in the world. That is the reason why entrepreneurs need to find a way to make their customers feel special. 

It doesn’t matter if the entrepreneur offers the best possible solution for his target audience. Finding the right way to share certain information with them is a more essential part. In other words, the storyline of the content needs to be direct, engaging, and convincing. That is the only way to grab their attention and make the offer different from others they can see online.

Using the words “your” and “you” will help businesses make the customers feel more valuable. In other words, the entrepreneurs will make the PPC ads more personalized in that way. The rest of the content should be in a friendly and conversational tone. With these two methods, brands will establish a friendly relationship with their customers. 

You can check out how Versace is doing it. Before everything, they directly talk to the potential visitor. Despite that, they highlight the reason why a person should visit their website. In the end, they highlighted the benefit that visitors can get by visiting their website (50% discount). 

Use Number, Reviews, etc. 

People are not always willing to spend their money. There are many products out there that can potentially bring some value to their life. That is the reason why they are looking for social proof that will confirm the quality of the business/product. 

Social proof can come in a form of statistics, numbers, reviews, etc. The example below may seem inspirational for many businesses. 

Pick Appropriate Keywords 

The headline and content of an ad need to contain as many as possible relevant keywords. Of course, the same rule counts when we talk about the custom URL. Thanks to keywords and phrases, businesses will easily reach the people that need their help.

Logically, checking the most popular search terms is going to be necessary. For something like that, people will have to use adequate keyword researchers. The good news is that there are a lot of them that can help entrepreneurs reach their goals.

Let’s use an example to make things clear. The search terms are not going to be the same before Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. That is another confirmation that all entrepreneurs need to follow the latest trends before running a PPC ad campaign. 

PPC Ads Need to Contain Call-To-Action Part 

After checking the metrics and statistics, entrepreneurs will know what their customers need and want. However, they will also have to make an extra step to convince them to click on their ad. That extra step comes in the form of the call-to-action part. Fortunately, the methods people can use are different in this case. 

For example, if the company offers a 30% discount throughout the PPC ad, the word “save” should be included. For example, “Buy Fashionable Suit, and Save 30% Now” would be a good option. Strong verbs can, for instance, be “Join”, “Save”, “Build”, “Get”, etc. Of course, entrepreneurs should use the option that meets their offerings. In the example below, the marketers were using the words Search and See. 

Proofread and Edit the Content before Releasing the PPC Ad

Entrepreneurs often do not check the content of their PPC ads before releasing them. Unfortunately, releasing a PPC ad full of spelling and grammatical mistakes is the worst thing businesses could do. The content needs to be clear and easy to understand for everyone. There is no need to use complex phrases and try to make the ad look more professional.

Not every business owner possesses good writing skills. That is the reason why using different tools to boost the readability score of the content should be a smart move. For example, one way to boost the simplicity of the content is by using an editing and proofreading service. On the other hand, tools like Grammarly, Ginger, GetGoodGrade, Sapling, and others can help people fix all the spelling mistakes with a couple of clicks. 

Final Thought 

With these six top-notch strategies, entrepreneurs will manage to write compelling PPC ads. Of course, that also doesn’t mean they should always stick to the same type of campaign. They should split test their PPC ads and check which strategy brings them the best possible results. After they find it, they should continue upgrading it until they reach the final goal. 

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