8 Tips on How to Create a YouTube Video that Stands Out

Suppose you have a Google account, head right up, and click on YouTube. You already have an account. Thanks to Google! If not, create one. Most of the agencies state that more than a billion hours are spent on YouTube, and a billion videos are watched per day. What do these figures mean to businesses, influencers and individuals? That there is a shift to visual content. So is money. So how do you create a youtube video that stands out?

Study shows that more content is consumed through YouTube channels and videos than ever before. Hence, ads are also increasing, making it easier to make money through your YouTube channel. It can be due to ease of use, engaging and entertaining nature that draws viewers.                                                             

But, only a portion of the population uses YouTube to share their content. YouTube is the next business frontier with a vast and growing market. There are 500 videos uploaded per minute. So how do you stand out?

Tips for growing your YouTube Channel faster

Here are some ways to grow your YouTube Channel faster:

Tip 1: Increase the Quality of your Video

Blurred videos that are unstable and of low-quality sound will be flipped over. 20% of viewers leave a video if it does not hook them in the first 10 seconds. Hence up your game. Use upscale resolution and fantastic lighting in your YouTube videos. Natural light is the best. If well placed to avoid shadows, artificial lights will work fine too. 

Also, there is various photo editing software available to edit your work. For instance, cropping, rotating, brightness changes, filter effects, and animations. You can also consider investing in quality equipment or hire a professional to do the job. It pays in the long run.

Tip 2: Use attractive Thumbnails

Thumbnails refer to the picture that appears on your home page of each video, as well as search results. They are vital as they help grab the attention of viewers. 

It helps win more views and subscribers. Thumbnail best practice is to keep it simple, include keywords, share relevant content, allure, and fit your brand name and logo. The use of infographic software like the Canva; has templates to customize to create thumbnails or make one scratch.

Tip 3: Video must be understandable by the Audience                             

Creating amazing videos and unique content to attract viewers is not enough. They should speak to the viewers’ needs, wants, and challenges. How do you tell which audience to target or what topic to address? Do your research. Suppose you choose a niche. Then what? Identify all the pain points. Read widely to gain in-depth knowledge of the topic. 

You want your viewers to crown you as a thought leader. So present yourself as well-versed in that area and an expert in your YouTube channel. The beauty is YouTube is available in more than 100 countries and more than 80 languages. Therefore viewers can choose which language fits them.

Tip 4: Don’t use too many Introductions

Start with a brief introduction. Avoid wasting time here. Remember how boring it gets when you meet someone who does is self-talk. The same goes for the YouTube videos. Limit it and focus on the content that brought viewers to your channel in the first place. Also, be the same with how you start your videos so that viewers can know to get familiar. So many changes can create a rift and result in brand recall problems.

Tip 5: Make sure to Optimize your YouTube Videos

To stand out from the rest, you have to go extra. Youtube SEO is easy and can help you to rank pretty high in the search results. Use of the right keywords, YouTube meta tags, and a strong title and description will help you rank high in search engines. An attractive thumbnail and YouTube end screens can interest viewers. Thus, click on your videos or watch your next videos.

Tip 6: Make use of End Cards

End cards are the screen at the end of your video that contains the brand name, logo, links, call to action, and screen of your other videos. You need to include YouTube end cards for that extra value. In today’s world of Ad blocking or ad-blind syndrome, end cards play a crucial role in self-promoting.

With end cards, you can increase your brand awareness and engagement with an active call to action. Also, end cards improve the chances of your other videos being watched. Instead of YouTube moving to the next video that may not be yours, they display end cards. Viewers can click on one thus watch more of your content. Hence give your videos more view time and higher ranking in search engines.

Tip 7: Share it on Social Media Channels

Learn how to share YouTube channels to increase viewers through your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We know social media platforms are demanding but relax! We got you. The use of the right social media management tools can help improve results and save time. Also, add a YouTube video in your blog posts. Add your YouTube link in your marketing business email signature the same way you do your contacts.

Giving support to other YouTubers and doing so will earn you their subscriptions, shares, mentions, likes, follow, and comments. So support them, and you will enjoy sharing audiences. Imagine a YouTube with many viewers mentioning you in their videos. 

You will see your views and subscribers grow. Finally, ensure all your videos are embedded. It helps other YouTubers to share them in their blog posts, thus expanding your audience and driving traffic to your videos.

Tip 8: Make it Professional

Make your YouTube channel layout a masterpiece, good YouTube appearance, and great YouTube design and layout. Your YouTube profile picture speaks volumes about you and your business. So make it count. Make your YouTube channel description inviting. Also, enhance YouTube channel ideas as you make more videos. 

Appeal to a larger audience by not restricting yourself. Make good YouTube topics. Use epic channel art, design layout, and awesome YouTube logos to stand out from the competition. Go for formal fonts but if your channel is all about fun, creativity, DIY, feel free to experiment. Lastly, ensure your background is clean and neat. Avoid clutter unless otherwise.


Numbers do not lie. So much potential exists in YouTube. So put your ideas out there. Note the number of videos on YouTube is huge. But there is room for new unique content, and the market is there and growing daily. 

Two billion users are less than half the world with 7.8 people. So curve your niche. Often upload content, retain and grow your subscribers and views. Rank higher in SEO. Create a YouTube channel design that cuts across, for instance, PC, laptop, TV, and create a YouTube video for on phones, which is 70% of watch time.

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