All You Need To Know About Our CTO – Spencer Candland

Our Chief technology officer – Spencer Candland visited Nigeria for the first time a few weeks back. It was a lot of fun having him around. 

He ensured he worked with each department and got to know everyone.

He spent 2 weeks in Nigeria in which he had the opportunity to have open sessions with different communities such as the WordPress community, Leadspace and Public Relations agency Mediapanache as well as CChub. During these meetups, he shared his wealth of experience when he was at Bluehost.

Spencer Candland also visited NiRA, the .NG registry to familiarise with the staff as well as Computer village. At Computer village, he met with the leadership of CAPDAN – computer allied products dealer’s association who took him as well as our CEO – Toba Obaniyi on a shop to shop tour where they discussed with shop owners the importance of getting their business online.


Towards the climax of his visit to Nigeria, Spencer Candland, and our CEO, Toba Obaniyi had a sit down with Business Day Nigeria. See the interview here.

Just before he returned home to the United States, we had a sit down with him to get to hear about what his stay in Nigeria was like. Read below for more –

Sit Down With Whogohost’s CTO – Spencer Candland

How did you first learn about Whogohost?

In 2017 when I was first approached by Opeyemi Awoyemi.

Why did you choose to work with Whogohost and what do you like most about working with Whogohost?

Once I looked into the company, I really liked it, and I appreciated the culture of the focusing on providing great local support, which is a model I truly believe in.  It looked like a good opportunity, and I also thought it sounded like an interesting challenge.

I enjoy fixing and improving things, it is satisfying to correct issues, I greatly enjoy helping people learn and grow.

Can you describe Whogohost in 3 words?

Energetic, ambitious, growing.

How do you define success?

I would say the ability to constantly improve.  If you are improving, you are learning and growing.  There is no stagnation, everything improves at too rapid a pace for stagnation to occur, you are either progressing, or you are moving backward.

Tell us something about yourself that will surprise us.

I passed the secondary school test at age 14 and decided that I would learn more working then continuing to attend secondary school.  From that point on I started working full time and would hitchhike to work and back every day.

Have you missed home since you arrived and if you have, what do you miss most?

Time has gone by so fast that it doesn’t feel like I have been gone that long, but yes I have missed my family.

What have you enjoyed most about your visit to Nigeria and Whogohost?

Meeting everyone, finally being able to put faces to names.  And just being in, and experiencing day to day life in Nigeria.

What is your perspective of Nigeria and Nigerians so far?

Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming.  Even before I came that attitude really shone through in online discussions and chats, but I was blown away by how friendly people are once I arrived.

Which Nigerian delicacies have you tried and which is your favorite so far?

Spencer Candland having a steaming bowl of amala
Spencer enjoying a bowl of Oha soup with eba










I am not sure if they are all delicacies, but Jollof rice, Amala, Suya.  Not entirely sure what I liked the most… If I had to pick, probably Jollof Rice.

What do you think of Nigerian Jollof rice?

I thought it was excellent.  Like almost all Nigerian food I have tried it had a very nice, and pleasant, spiciness to it that I really enjoyed.

How many Nigerian words have you learned so far?

People have tried to teach me a lot more words than this, but I can probably only remember a half dozen words.

What advice would you give to anyone visiting Nigeria for the first time?

Make sure you try the food, try to get out and meet people.  And just to do it. Don’t let the unknown hold you back.

What have you learned about Whogohost from your visit so far?

I have a much better insight into how the company works, and what makes Whogohost what it is, and what the company culture is.  It can be hard to get a good grasp of those kinds of things remotely.

What advice do you have for staff at Whogohost?

Keep up the good attitude, and be prepared to push yourself to learn and grow with the company.  Growing companies provide you with unique opportunities. Just keep doing what you are doing with regards to taking care of customers.


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