Collaborate Effectively With Your Teams Using G Suite

In a previous post, we noted some features of G Suite that help to increase productivity. Below are some more time-saving features;

  • Include a Google Form in the Email Body
  • Turn an Email into a Task
  • Create Filters in Google Mail
  • Download Drive for Mac/PC
  • Share a Folder in Google Drive

Include a Google Form in the Email Body

Google Forms are a quick way to collect data from individuals inside or outside your organization. You can send a form to gather feedback on services or collect menu selections when planning an event. You can also include the form directly in the body of an email.  This will encourage others to respond more quickly since they won’t have to click on the link to access the form.

After creating your form, click Send form in the top, right corner of the Form. Next, add email addresses and check the box next to “Include form in an email.” The form appears when recipients open the email, where they can mark answers and click submit. Form responses are received in real-time so you can start analyzing the data immediately.

Turn an Email into a Task With G Suite

Google Tasks allows you to keep track of your to-do lists, as well as items that others have delegated to you. You can create additional task lists for different projects, add due dates and notes to tasks, mark tasks as complete, and email a task list to someone. Additionally, you can turn an email into a task in just a few clicks. So, the next time you receive an email that includes to-do items, select the email and click on the More menu above your mail list. Choose “Add to Tasks” and a task will be added to your task list. The subject of the email will be the name of the task, and a link to the email is included with the task so you can quickly reference the email at a later time.

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Create Filters in Google Mail

Filters save you time because they can automatically take action on emails that match specific criteria as they flow into your mailbox. For example, you can create filters to automatically archive messages from a specific sender, star messages from your boss, or apply a label to messages with certain keywords.

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Download Drive for Mac/PC

When you download and install Google Drive for PC/Mac on your computer, a Google Drive folder is added to your computer. There is a two-way sync between this folder and your Google Drive on the web so you can open or organize the contents saved in Google Drive right from your computer. A great time-saving benefit of Google Drive for PC/Mac is the ability to sync files to your online account by simply saving the file or moving the file to your Google Drive folder on your computer. After doing so, your important files are accessible on any device – your computer, tablet or mobile phone – where you sign in to your account.

To get started, sign in to Google Drive on the web and click on “Connect Drive to your desktop” in the left sidebar. Next, select the Download Drive for Mac/PC button and follow the steps to begin syncing your important files so they are saved securely in the cloud in Google Drive.

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Share a Folder in Google Drive

If you need to share several files with the same group of colleagues, don’t spend the time sharing each document with each person. Instead, create a shared folder for your team. You can move files into the folder and share the folder with individuals who need access to its contents. To do so, select the down-arrow next to the folder and choose Share. Just as with sharing of documents, you can choose different visibility options and limit permissions for those individuals or groups you invite to access your folder. The contents of the folder will inherit the sharing permissions you set for the folder.

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