COVID-19: How to Get Your Life Back on Track with Remote Jobs.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot of aspects of our lives. It brought a lot of negative feelings, stress, and sadness. And it left many people unemployed without being able to support themselves or their families. But, in times like this, the essential thing is not to lose motivation and take action. You can get your life back on track by looking for remote positions. These are some career options to become a remote worker. 


Writers have become one of the most flexible professions since the Internet went global. The increase in accessibility with the online world has opened up opportunities for people to create written content. You can become a writer by getting a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, or any other related field. But you can also become one by just starting to write about anything. 

Writing is a very flexible profession. You can become an author and self-publish books, copywriter, blog writer, and many more. You can start your own blog by choosing a topic you are passionate about and writing about it. You can also start writing about your career or about things you are good at. 

The potential is endless, and a writer can work from anywhere in the world. You can make your own schedule because generally, writing jobs measure productivity in terms of articles, books, or stories instead of by the hour. In websites like Upwork and Freelancer, writing jobs are the ones with more demand. 


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a series of methods and techniques you can apply to make your content friendlier for search engines. SEO specialists are experts in guiding clients and companies to apply these techniques generally to increase organic traffic to their website, social media profiles, and other online content. Some of these techniques include redesigning a website and inserting keywords to optimize content.

SEO specialists can work in any type of industry and company as long as they have websites and online profiles. They can work together with content creators and web developers to help a company move up on search results in standard search engines like Google or Bing. 

These professionals can work on a project basis or full-time if the company is constantly publishing new content on their website, like when they have a blog. Also, because most of their task is done on the Internet with different platforms, you will be able to work from home or any other place you want. SEO is also a very good skill to complement your career, and you can learn it with an online course in a few classes.

Web Developer

Web developers create, deploy, and maintain websites. They can create animated and user-friendly platforms for their clients. Nowadays, a company’s website is key to building lasting relationships with its clients. A customer will prefer a company with a beautiful and interactive website than one without it. That’s why web developers are in high demand and will probably continue to be in the future.

Web development is one of the most common careers for remote workers. It is the perfect combination of meeting with clients to know what they want, which can be done by video call, and then developing the website they want from anywhere. Web developers need to be proficient at least with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which you can easily learn with a coding bootcamp. 

You can choose between being a front end or a back end developer. Plus, web developers can have all sorts of clients, and it is very easy to build a career as a freelance worker. You could even build your own business and run it from the comfort of your living room’s couch. 

Medical Coder

Medical coding is the process of converting every medical procedure, diagnosis, equipment, or service into alphanumeric codes. It helps the medical industry to organize medical records. Medical coding is used at medical facilities to determine how much everything costs. A medical coder specializes in making sure all the code works like it is supposed to. 

Their job is important not only to secure revenue streams but to provide the patient with a better service. You can get certified as a professional coder or get an associate degree in medical coding. Either option will allow you to work in the billing department of any hospital, clinic, or private doctor.


Editors are the ones that go over all the content a writer creates and makes sure it has no grammatical errors, it’s readable, and it is up to specific standards. Becoming an editor is trickier than becoming a writer. You can become one by getting a bachelor’s degree or after many years of experience being a writer. 

Editors can also work from anywhere and within many different companies and niches. In the last few years, editors also prepare content for publication by selecting titles, adding images, and making sure it is SEO optimized. And according to ZipRecruiter, the national average for an editor’s salary is $52K


Translators are also a very flexible position. It consists of having constant contact with people from different backgrounds if that is something that you like. And it requires that you know at least two languages. It is a great option if you already know a second language because you’ll only need to get certified as an official translator. By being an official translator, you can find full-time jobs like translating for travelers, diplomats, business people, and even become a medical translator.

You have other options like finding freelance projects on your own. In this case, most of these projects don’t require you to have a certification. The downside is that the freelance niche for translators is very competitive unless you know a less common language like Armenian or Israeli. 

In Summary

You can get your life back on track by starting a new path into a remote career. You could become a writer, editor, web developer, medical coder, SEO specialist, or translator if you know a second language. Take control of your life back and start taking action to improve your situation.

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