Debugging Code: Best Tips on How to Make It Better

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One of the most painful and terrible things for software developers is debugging. This is one phase that every developer has to go through while working on projects, regardless of how good or experienced you are. You start writing your code with full enthusiasm, write thousands of lines of code, everything seems fine and neat, and when you try to run the code, it does not function as expected or it does not work at all. 

This is a common issue that many developers face across the globe, both professionals and beginners. The process of debugging is even more tedious and demanding than that of writing the codes, as you might not even know where the problem is emanating from. Of course, if that’s your college assignment then you may just ask experts for the programming homework help, but what if writing a clean code is your daily work responsibility? Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce the occurrence of bugs in code. Here are some tips to help make your code better. 

Tips to Help You Debug Your Code Easily and Quickly

Run Your Code Frequently

If you want to be debugging codes more effectively and quickly, this is one of the most important things you need to do. Running your code more often is one of the best ways to keep bugs at a minimum, especially for beginners. Many developers only run their codes after they are done writing piles of codes, beginners are the major occupants of this train. 

To avoid more complications and confusion, you need to stop this practice. If you wait until you write a bunch of codes before you start testing it, your code might get you confused and you will spend an awfully long time trying to find the issue. When you frequently run and test your code as you write it, you will get better feedback and know if you are moving in the right direction. Any error that pops up will also be very easy to debug. 

Try Other Solutions

When you run into issues and do not know how to resolve them, you should try multiple solutions. If the solution you try is not working, you should try another one. Chances are you might find the solution and still bump into another error. You should not panic when this happens, as it is common with every developer. As a beginner or junior developer, one of the best ways to make your code better is to try multiple solutions. You need to find the root cause of the issue before you ask senior developers for assistance. 

Google Can Come in Handy

Google should be one of your resorts when trying to debug your code. Just the way you run to Google when you want to learn something new, you should also run to the search engine when you have some debugging to do. If you search for the solution to your bug on Google, you might be able to resolve it quickly and easily. You will also learn something new and easier processes to debug such issues in the future. 

If your code pops an error, you can copy the error code and paste it online. You will get solutions to your problem on StackOverflow and other top coding communities and forums. 

Use Debugging Tools

Many IDEs today come with debugging tools. Tools such as Eclipse and Visual Studio Code have an inbuilt debugging tool to help you find errors in your code. These tools will inspect your code line by line and find any possible errors in the code. Doing this before executing the code will help to save you a lot of stress. 


Writing codes is fun and adventurous. However, the process becomes tiring and hectic when you always bump into errors that you cannot resolve. With these tips, debugging your codes will no longer be an issue.

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