Dot Website Domain Names Are The New dotCOM Domains

The first thing you do when you have finished designing your website is finding the most suitable domain name for the online representation of your business. We advise that you go with a dot website domain name. Here’s why – With so many domain extensions to choose from, selecting the right domain name can be tedious. It is at times like this you are tempted to go with the popular dotCOM domain extension. Sadly, the dotCOM domain space is crowded and you will very likely find that the domain name you want is already taken.

Thankfully, there are new possibilities with .WEBSITE domain extensions. dot website domains are generic domain extensions that are suitable for any website. Got an active business but want to mine the unending possibilities of expanding your business on the internet? You perhaps have a personal website you would like to make available on the internet? Then, you need a dot website domain name to make a bold statement.

The .WEBSITE top-level domain is an alternative to not just dotCOM domain extensions but to other top-level domains such as .org, .net among other domain extensions. The dot website domain is flexible as you can easily combine it with your business name. Still at a loss on the kind of domain name you can get with this domain extension? Take a look at these creative examples:,, The creative possibilities available with a dot website domain name is endless.


Take your website live on the internet today with a dot website domain name. Get yours on for only N1000.

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