Five Strategies to Motivate and Keep Top Tech Professionals

With the demand for skilled tech professionals increasing, retaining the best talent has become more difficult. Leading companies are using new strategies to attract the most qualified candidates. 

Their job offers are now more attractive, with higher salaries and more perks. For example, a software engineer earns, on average, $119,000 per year at Microsoft. They not only enjoy a six-figure salary but also great perks like retirement savings and parental and family caregiver leave. 

To keep tech talent in today’s world, you have to be creative and make sure your team is in good shape. Don’t follow the old ways; go the extra mile to engage your employees. To help you, here are five strategies to motivate and engage top tech employees.

Promote a Learning Culture

For tech professionals, learning is essential. Not only because it allows them to stay relevant but because it helps them stay motivated. Some people say that life is meaningless if we can’t learn; promote learning in your company and let your tech employees feel comfortable.

You can provide training courses for your employees, whether for professional or personal gain. As long as they are learning something new, they will love the job. If, on the other hand, you fail to provide these kinds of opportunities, they will start looking for a new job.

Tech employees yield the best results when they are motivated. However, if they are uncomfortable, they won’t focus and will perform poorly. Keeping your tech team motivated is vital to remain competitive these days. You ought to do all you can to help your employees stay motivated.

Promote Teamwork

A Stanford study conducted in 2104 found that teamwork drives workplace performance. When employees work in teams, they feel inspired and motivated. By promoting collaboration, you’ll make your tech employees feel comfortable. In fact, most tech professionals work in teams to meet deadlines and achieve the goals of the company.

When employees receive support, they are more trusting and provide better results. Because they feel someone has their back, they don’t think twice about working harder. They feel part of a big family and are willing to build strong relationships.

Teamwork is what will make your company stand out from the competition. If you’re not promoting a team culture, you’d better start taking action now. Don’t forget that, for employees, not feeling supported is one of several reasons for leaving a job

Allow Your Tech Employees to Develop Hard Skills

This is one of the best strategies you can use to keep and motivate tech professionals. They eat, breathe, and sleep code, so they would relish the opportunity to keep their coding skills fresh. If you help them to develop their hard skills, they will feel engaged and won’t think about leaving their job.

You can provide your employees with tuition reimbursement perks. Companies like Amazon, Google, and Nintendo are already offering similar perks. Another good option is to build relationships with coding schools. As they offer great coding courses, your tech employees can stay relevant. There are many options, but Galvanize is one of the best coding schools in the market.

Galvanize offers several programs in the fields of web development, data science, and software engineering. The company helps students learn using real-life scenarios, so it’s the right option to help your employees improve their skills.

Promote Work-Life Balance

For tech employees, work-life balance is essential. They have a lot of responsibilities in their shoulders, so they need time to relax. Provide your employees with perks that allow them to take a break. Companies like Samsung and Google provide on-site gym classes and spa sessions. In fact, their employees not only love their jobs because of the salary but because they can improve their well-being.

Also, you can give them more flexibility when it comes to how they work. During the pandemic, remote work has become the new standard, and today more employees are demanding remote work benefits. Several world-class companies allow their employees to work from home as it has proven to be more productive. 

Sometimes, employees can’t spend special dates with their loved ones, which makes them unhappy. But, if they have a flexible schedule, they can spend more valuable time with their family members. In other words, by allowing more flexibility, you’ll increase their job satisfaction, and they will stay motivated. 

Make Your Employees Feel Important

If you’re looking to keep your most skilled tech employees, you need to make them feel special. When they know they are valuable, they don’t lose passion, and their motivation stays strong. Tell them when they have done an excellent job. After all, who doesn’t like to be congratulated?

Sometimes, working too much makes them feel frustrated and overwhelmed, so allow them to take a few days off. You can also give bonuses when they have performed well. Remember that keeping your tech employees happy will enable your company to remain competitive.

Another good way to make your employees feel special is by inviting them to activities outside working hours. You can ask them for dinner, for example. This allows you to build a strong boss-employee relationship. When workers feel you’re approachable, they feel more comfortable. This is because they know their work relations go beyond the workplace.


Keeping and motivating tech employees can be challenging. But, I can guarantee that if you make an effort, you’ll see the rewards. Considering these strategies will make the job easier. Tech employees know they are valuable, and if you don’t take action, your company can fall behind.

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