How to Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2022

New tools are constantly emerging in the world of digital marketing.  

15 years ago, people started blogging and it soon became the latest fashion. In these 15 years, they have become the core of digital marketing.  

All businesses use blogs today, from dental offices to the best digital branding companies

The relationship with the audiences has also changed as advertising has become very precise. You know exactly whom you are addressing/targeting, thanks to the extremely diverse amount of data collected.  

In the past few years, we have seen that the relationship between the user and the companies has become more conversational than ever.  

Companies use various social networks to reach their users and vice versa. We could see big companies writing tweets that people can easily connect with.  

Let’s look at the aspects you need to pay attention to when developing your social media marketing strategy for 2022. 

Global village state of mind 

All parts of the world today are connected thanks to the internet. 

On the other hand, the pandemic and climate change is affecting the whole world. These two phenomena united us and became closely related to the relationship between the company and the customer. 

Socially responsible marketing shows that a company really cares about its customers. By promoting topics relevant to today’s burning matters, you build a strong relationship with your customers.  

By sharing educational and socially responsible content, your campaign gains a kind of respect. 

Also, thanks to the Internet, the younger generations are more open-minded. From early childhood, they have acquaintances and friends from all around the globe. 

Younger generations are one of the important reasons why the narrative of the global village is very important in the preparation of the digital marketing strategy it’s because they build the future. 

Ephemeral content 

At the end of 2013, Snapchat changed the way digital marketing works by introducing stories. Shortly after its appearance on the market, this content type became an integral part of digital marketing.  

Today, stories are used by all brands and people primarily because of their impact and duration. 

Ephemeral content is any content that disappears after 24 hours. It is most often used in the form of stories. It does not require large technical and financial investments, as it will soon disappear. 

The advantage of this content type is that several things can be combined at the same time. For example, if you want to publish a Christmas-related story, you can use one photo, Christmas music, and several emoticons that evoke the atmosphere. 

On the other hand, you can track how many people have seen your story. It tells you right away by the number of views whether the content you posted is good or not. 


It has been widely proven that influencers increase sales with their posts. Their followers believe in their choices and therefore buy. 

Well-known influencers have become extremely expensive in the last few years, as well as the products they represent. Fortunately, micro-influencers have emerged. 

Micro-influencers are people who have a smaller follower base, between 5 and 20 thousand people. Their main advantage is that their target group is interconnected in many aspects, from demographic to social. 

They have their niche. Their relationship with their followers seems to be very personal.  

Leverage the power of micro-influencers to market your products, because they will surely get a lot more honest and organic reactions and responses. This is data that you can use in the future to develop your products. 

Short videos 

Short video content is crucial for digital marketing strategies in 2022. Product presentation and campaign management are unthinkable without a short video included.  

With a good campaign, script, and music, success is guaranteed. 

Creating short video content costs between $100 and $1,000, depending on what you want to achieve. A large percentage of marketers say that video has a better return on investment than standard posts. The highest return on investment is on YouTube videos. 

Many creators agree that sound in a video is of great importance. It doesn’t matter if it’s a voiceover or an instrumental, sound is significant.  

It is certainly important to pay attention to creating video content that suits mobile phones because the number of mobile video consumers is doubling year over year. 

There must also be some continuity in publishing short video content. If you have already decided to take this step, be sure to include at least 3 videos per month in your strategy. 

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