How To Choose A Domain Name

A Domain name is akin to a business name. A lot of thought and consideration should be invested in making this decision. Take some time to consider the questions below.

Have you researched it?

It is important to ensure that a potential domain is not being used by a company. Proper research will help you avoid copyright or trademark infringement.

Does the name depict your business?

Ensure it reflects what your business does to avoid confusing potential customers who do not know what your business is about. Here is an example; reflects you are in the food business. If you sell clothes or electronics, this name will not represent your business well.

Is it easy to remember?

Be creative. Make it catchy. If it is not memorable, it can be easily misspelt or forgotten. Make sure to keep it short and simple.  It is advisable not to use numbers, abbreviations or symbols. This can confuse your audience. They would not know if to pronounce as ten twenty or as one zero two zero one

Is the domain extension you want to use a reflection of your domain name?

Domain extensions reflect what your personal website or business is about. Hence, it is important to have the appropriate domain extension attached to your domain.

Find out what some domain extensions represent in this article.

Are you building a brand?

If you are creating a brand, it is important to secure it by buying up various domain extensions. This should include possible misspellings.  Why should you do this?

  1. It will prevent anyone from registering its possible versions.
  2. Anyone who searches for your business using any of the domains you purchased, will be redirected to your site.

Here is an example of a misspelt domain; (

Have you found the perfect domain?

Having the right domain is equivalent to having the girl of your dreams. Do not let that domain be the best you never had. Secure it now. Click here to register.

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