Meet Our Staff Of The Month For The Month Of January

Hey guys! We would like for you to meet our staff of the month.  Before we tell you who our staff of the month for January is, we’d like you to know how the staff of the month is chosen. Every Month, we recognize a member of staff who has done exceptionally well not just in their respective job roles but in helping other members of staff. This member of staff is voted for as the staff of the month by other members of staff. The final verdict on whom the winner is then given by each departments Team lead.

In view of this, we are glad to announce to you that our staff of the month is Mrs. Jennifer Okere! Congratulations Jenniffer!

Meet Our Staff Of The Month – Mrs. Jennifer Okere

Miriam – Tell us a bit about yourself

Jennifer – My name is Mrs. Jennifer Omokuvie Okere. I am from Delta state and a graduate of Mass Communication from Enugu State University of science and technology. I am a very good girl.

Miriam –  What do you like most about working at Whogohost?

Jennifer – I love two things about Whogohost. I like that we are a family here which makes it very easy to work in an environment where you know that other people care for you and also that working at Whogohost has brought out the best in me. I have done things that I never thought, dreamt or imagined that I could so I love Whogohost.

Miriam – If you could meet anyone in the world, Who would it be?

Jennifer – Hmmm.. For someone like me who doesn’t have a favorite person, I will say Oprah. I never really was a fan of celebrities and all that. I don’t have that kind of time but I saw a video of Oprah on Youtube.

She said she started very poorly and people said she wouldn’t amount to anything but she said that she was talking to God and she told Him that He has created her and put her in this world, what is that thing you want me to do that I will succeed in and give you glory? and that is how she found herself.

That touched me and it made me remember that whatever it is you want to do, no matter how big or small it is, If you are not with God, you cannot succeed. I would love to meet her to get more of that.

Miriam – That is really inspiring. Do you have a personal motto?

Jennifer – Work hard, work smart and be patient.

Miriam – That’s a nice one, Jennifer. Tell us something about yourself that will surprise us.

Jennifer – I am a very quiet person. A lot of people don’t believe this but I am quiet.

Miriam –  How do you define success?

Jennifer –  I am still getting there but for me, success is being good at that little thing that your hand finds to do. Being good at it is not enough. Impacting lives with it makes it even better. So no matter how little your craft is, people should feel free to come to you for knowledge and you should be able to gladly do this for the person. When you are no longer there, people can make a reference to you regarding that particular craft. That is what success is for me and I am still getting there.

Miriam – That is really deep Jennifer. If your house were burning down and you need to save one nonliving thing, what will lit be?

Jennifer – Hmmm… (thinks deeply) I won’t save food, clothes or my handbags (pauses in thought) I won’t save my weave on or shoes, I can always get another one. (Exclaims) My certificates! Aaaah, I must save my certificates. In Nigeria, It’s not easy to get your certificates back when you lose them so I don’t want to go through any stress at all.

Miriam – (laughs) That’s a good one. So tell us, what do you do for fun?

Jennifer – I like to see movies. Good movies. Romance movies. I love love. Then very very good novels. If I am not doing any of these two, I am sleeping or resting especially after work because I don’t really like going out.

Miriam – What advice will you give to new staffs at Whogohost?

Jennifer – Attitude will take you to places. I am not perfect and I am also learning but I have thought about it. My attitude will take me farther than where my professionalism will take me to. First, you need to have a very good attitude. The right attitude to work and the way you relate to people. Ask all the questions you can ask, seek to know. It doesn’t matter how stupid the question might be, in Whogohost, you will always find people who are ready to assist you.

Also, don’t always be in a haste to go home after work. I am not saying people should not go home after work but you need to always find time to learn some more even if it means staying few minutes after your shift or regular work hours just to get that particular thing. Once you get it, it sticks and you can also help someone else with it. For me, that is it; Attitude to work, your relationship with people, keep asking questions and developing yourself.

Above all, put God first. You may think you are doing something little like picking calls or chats but if God is not with you, clients will keep complaining about your work response whether good or bad.

Miriam – That is some sure-fire truth right there. Finally, do you want to say anything to anyone reading this interview?

Jennifer – If you are reading this interview, we love you. If you are a client, we love you and appreciate your patronage. We appreciate that you renew your service yearly. I want you to know that we will never abandon your chats, calls or tickets for any reason. Sometimes, you might think we don’t want to assist you with your request but it is not so. We try to ensure we do respond one after the other so we do not keep others in the queue waiting for too long. We appreciate your patronage, love, and understanding.

Miriam –  It has been really nice having you, Jennifer. Congratulations on being the employee of the month, thank you for your hard work, we really appreciate you.

Jennifer – I have not started yet.

Miriam – We look forward to so much more from you.

Jennifer –  Thank you.


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