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dotNG domain names

Want to purchase dotNG domain names? We have great news for you. To provide you with more value, we have reviewed the prices of all our dotNG domain extensions. The dotNG domain is Nigeria’s Country-Code Top Level Domain(ccTLD). You can say that dotUK is to Great Britain as dotnG is to Nigeria.

The beautiful thing about the dotNG domain extension is that it can be used by any government, organization, individual, business or NGO.

What Is New With dotNG Domain Names?

Other than the price review, you no longer have to pay the additional fee of N1000 when you want to transfer your dotNG domain name to us. This means you only get to pay the cost of the .NG domain names you want to transfer at no additional cost.

Before now, when your dotNG domain names expire and enter the redemption period (redemption period means that your domain name has exceeded the grace period for renewal and it will be available for fresh registration if it is not renewed within 30 days. The redemption period could be more for some domain names and it could be less for others) you can renew the dotNG domain names at no extra cost.

This has changed as you will now have to pay the extra cost of N1,500 if your dotNG domain name enters the redemption period. This is quite affordable compared to other domains. Some charge as much as N30,000.

You can now get dotNG domain names for N9500 instead of N12,000. Great right? The cost of second level dotNG domain names has also been reviewed. Below is a table that shows the old price and the new prices.

[table id=3 /]

Why You Should Use dotNG Domain Names

Wondering why you should think .NG domian names when you intend to take your business online? Here 5 very valuable reasons to use a .NG domain name for your website:

  1. The .NG domain extension is our brand as Nigerians and our online identity on the world wide web. It is proof that Nigeria and Nigerian businesses are advancing with the world in the technological sphere.
  2. .NG domain extensions have a very creative string of second level and third level domain extensions like, that enables register domain names like and for your website. For example, Google registered and Microsoft registered – creative right?
  3. If you are a Nigerian business and you use the .NG domain name for your website (and your website is properly optimized for SEO), your business will be ranked first on search engines and you will garner a lot of local traffic to your website which means an increase in revenue for your business.
  4. While Nigerians get a bad wrap for being fraudulent business-wise, people tend to trust your business when you confidently use the .NG domain extension for your website. This sends a strong message across that you are a legitimate Nigerian business as most fraudsters will very likely hide under the umbrella of .COM domain name.
  5. .NG domain names are very affordable as you can get a .NG domain name for as low as N500.

You Can Grow The Nigerian Brand With dotNG Domain Names

As Nigerians, it is our responsibility to grow our brand. We have to push Nigeria to the forefront of technological advancement so as not to be left behind. Imagine what we can achieve if half of 190 million Nigerians use the .NG domain name for their businesses online.

Businesses from other countries will be very interested in using our domain extension which will definitely put Nigeria on the lips of people all around the world. Let’s join hands and grow our brand. Be proudly Naija.

Want to purchase a dotNG domain name? Get started here. Spread the word and let your friends know they can now get dotNG at a very affordable price at Whogohost.

Do you have any questions,  comments or more information? Please drop them in the comment section below.

  1. Mariam! Good one from Whogohost! Nice work guys. You’re the best. I like the move with Paystack

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