Do Not Get Confused By These Hosting Terms Anymore

For tech newbies, I know how confused one can get when you visit a hosting company’s website to check out their hosting plans and you see hosting terms like bandwidth, subdomain, hard-drive (no it is not the one you are thinking) and so on. To make matters worse, you search on google to find out what they mean and you get even more confused.

No need to give up or panic, I am here to help you understand what those seemingly confusing terms mean.


Hosting Terms And What They Mean

Webspace is the total amount of space your website is entitled to on the server that can be used to store files used for creating your website like website scripts, email, etc. In pure English, this is space allocated to you to save/store your website’s content in.

Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer that takes place between your website and its visitors. The amount of bandwidth your website will need is dependent on how large your web pages are and the amount of people that visit your website daily. So if you upload videos or audio files on your website and people stream these contents, your website will consume a lot of bandwidth. Thus, it is always advisable to get a hosting plan that can meet your sites requirements. The Bandwidth is always more than the amount of web space. This is to enable your website load smoothly.

A Sub domain is another website with it’s own unique content. However, there is no new domain name. For example, you are hosting your main website but you have another website you would like to host that is part of your business, you can host it under the same plan as

Don’t get confused. An Addon domain is different from a sub domain. An addon domain is another website with its own unique content. For this website, you have to register a new domain name to host it under your existing hosting account. For example, you have a hosting account and you have created website for math which is Instead of buying a new hosting account for, you decide to host it under as an addon domain.

Parked domain is not a unique website. It is a redirection to a primary domain name. Let’s say you have more than one domain name that should lead to your main domain name or you have common misspellings of your domain names that you have registered or you need a place to park a domain name for which you do not have a website yet, you can put it under your hosting account as a parked domain.

SQL database: This is more or less like the engine of a car. It is a computer language often pronounced as sequel. It is used to access databases (A database lets you store and retrieve data as efficiently as possible) in order to retrieve information. They help retrieve specific data like blog articles.

PHP simply means personal home page. It is the initial page  of a website that you see when you visit a site. It is uniquely created by the owner of the website.

I hope these explanations have helped. Be on the lookout for our next post.

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