What Does An SSL Certificate Do For Your Website?

If you have been following our blog posts on SSL certificates, by now, you know what an SSL certificate is and how it works BUT do you know what it does for your website?

  1. It provides a secure connection between internet browsers and your website, allowing you to transmit private data online.
  2. SSL protocol is used by millions of e-Business providers to protect their customers, ensuring their online transactions remain confidential.  
  3. It prevents fraudsters and cybercriminals from intercepting traffic on your website and stealing important information like bank details, card details, passwords by encrypting the connection between an internet browser and a web server.

Why you should use an SSL certificate:

The primary benefit of SSL certificates is to render online trust and security in a clear and visible way that visitors see and understand. Thereby giving the brand credibility this directly translates to increased conversions and customer loyalty.

When visitors know that their data exchange with your website is secure, their confidence will be increased. They will feel safer when buying on a website that has been verified and secured.  Visible security plus good service equals higher conversion rates and customer loyalty.

How to know if a site uses SSL Certificate:

You know how to spot a site that is not secure. However, how do you spot a site that secure? Read on to learn more;

When an SSL certificate is installed on a website, users will see a padlock icon in the browser’s address bar. Users will also see HTTPS in the address bar of sites that use SSL. This means information transferred between you and a website is secure and for a business, it means the communication that goes through your server and website is safe from harm.

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS.

You must have come across HTTP or https in your browser’s address bar while surfing the web. Have you ever wondered what they mean or why one has an ‘S’ and the other doesn’t? Here is what they mean and the difference between them;

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer protocol) defines how messages are formatted and transmitted between web servers and browsers and determines what actions should be taken in response to various commands. Information communicated between websites that use HTTP and a server is not encrypted and can be intercepted by a hacker. HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure encrypts the information communicated between the website and server. If any hacker intercepts the information, they cannot understand it. This keeps your credit card details, passwords and more, safe.

From everything you have learned so far, I sure you will agree with me that web security cannot be overemphasized. Get an SSL certificate and keep your data/information safe.

If you have any comment or questions, share them in the comment section. Do not forget to share this article. Help educate others! It only takes a second. Till our next blogpost, BE SECURE

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