We Are Live At TEDxCovenant University

Today has been a lot of fun. We are currently at the TEDxCovenant University event themed: Just Imagine.

The event is a non-educational forum designed to spread ideas, usually in the form of short powerful talks. This event featured notable speakers like:

  • Kunle Adewale: Artist, Art Therapist & Social Entrepreneur.
  • Prof. Charles Ayo: Researcher, Administrator, Computer scientist.
  • Chris Okagbue: Model, Actor, Creative Director.
  • Deen Sanwoola: IT Guru, Entrepreneur, Social Change agent.
  • Joshua Ajitena: Marketing Consultant, Public speaker, Project & Events Manager.
  • Rajiv Sharma: Strategy Consultant, Public speaker & Coach.
  • Fabilola Olalekan: Author, Entrepreneur, Social change agent.
  • Joshua Alade: Community Evangelist Of NextGen Africa Initiative

The speakers each made remarkable impact on the participants. I am sure they were glad they attended. TEDxCovenant University; Just Imagine has not been all talk. We are having fun as well. We have a booth for anyone who would like to participate in our heart racing game ‘Separation Anxiety’. Guess who assisted in introducing the game? One of Nollywood’s best, Chris Okagbue.  See the video below:


Here are some pictures from the event:

IMG-20161111-WA0005 IMG-20161111-WA0021  IMG-20161111-WA0024 IMG-20161111-WA0025 IMG-20161111-WA0026 IMG-20161111-WA0027 IMG-20161111-WA0029 IMG-20161111-WA0032 IMG-20161111-WA0034

Winners of the game ‘Separation Anxiety’ were given free domain names as well as 25% off any hosting plan of their choice. We are proud to have partnered with the organisers of TEDxCovenant University.

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