This is Glory Adesina – September’s Employee Of The Month

Glory Adesina - Employee of the month

Another month, another employee of the month.

We love celebrating staff who have proven to be exceptional at their job roles. This month, we are celebrating Glory Adesina.

Glory is our front desk officer. She is amiable efficient and diligent. She is an interesting person and has shared a little bit of what makes her such an awesome person. Read her interview below;

Meet Our Employee Of The Month – This Is Glory Adesina

Tell us about yourself

My name is Adesina Glory, an undergraduate and currently the front desk officer at Whogohost. I love genuine and positive people. I really love my job mostly because Whogohost makes you appreciate what you do regardless of your department or job role.

Congratulations on being the employee of the month for the month of September. How does it feel?

Honestly, I didn’t expect it. Even my mum was excited for me when I told her. I felt motivated and a little special 😉.

Tell us something about yourself that no one knows.

I am God`s favorite!!😜

Hahaha… That’s a good one. If you could have superpowers, which would you want and why?

Powers to talk and meet with God face to face whenever I want. Why? Because He has done and has a lot to do with my life of course.

Tell us what you love about your job?

The walk-in clients make my day less boring, and my boss (Omotola) makes my job way easier.

What helps you get through a stressful day at work?

Social Media……lol

Who or what inspires you to be better?

God, My mum, and Beyonce   

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Done with school and fulfilling my dreams by Gods grace.

Who is your most favorite person in the world?

My mum

If you could be anyone in the world other than yourself, who would you want to be?

I will be myself one million times again      

That’s some serious self-love you have going on gurl! Tell us, if you could be anything in the world other than a human being, what would you be?

Hahaha… Thank you. If I had to be anything other than a human being, I would be Air.

That’s ‘cool’😉. How would you describe Whogohost to someone who wants to know what our company culture is?

Amazing!! Whogohost is just like a second family.

What advice do you have for new entrants?

Stay true to yourself!

Word! Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with us today.

You’re welcome.

We hope you enjoyed reading Glory’s interview? Send her your congratulatory messages in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!


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