Top 10 easy to start online business ideas for students

In life we’ve often been judged for the things that we can and can’t do especially when we’re young, but guess what? There’s no such thing as too young for anything as long as you believe in yourself. Similarly you can easily start your own business online, when you get the right idea and have the proper means of seeing it through. Managing your own business is tough especially in this economy and if you have no prior business experience but it’s not impossible so in this article, we’re going to talk about 10 online businesses which are super easy to start and can be done from the comfort of your homes by students and adults!

Top 10 online business ideas –

If you’re passionate about something then your age is just a number. When starting your own business, find an idea that resonates with you, something that drives you forward and motivates you to struggle harder to reach the top everyday. Listed below are a few cool business ideas that can be started from home whilst studying!

  1. Start making bath bombs – Bath bombs have become extremely popular in the last few years and making them at home is relatively easy and cheap! What’s great is you can find most of these ingredients at home. All you need to make your own bath bombs are citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch and some essential oils and pigments to add colors. Bath bombs help loosen damaged layers of skin while the oils in the bath bombs are super moisturizing. Once you become an expert at making bath bombs you can start selling them on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and even bath build your own website from where people can place their orders for you to finish and get paid for.
  1. Making your own slime – Similar to making a bath bomb, making your own slime at home is super easy. All you need is some glue, saline and color! Slimes can be used for cleaning and are super relaxing. You can start by selling these to your friends/ family on social media platforms and then build your own website. As you experiment with different colors and textures you can even start your own youtube channel by posting a video of how the slime is made and the kind of things you can add to it such as sprinkles, glitter, etc. and also incorporate a few uses of slime. Build your own website and start selling your products on other digital platforms such as Amazon.
  1. Tie Dyes – If you design and love making your own clothes then tie dying is a super popular cool trend these days. Simply use colored dyes on pieces of fabric such as t-shirts, skirts, hoodies, jackets, pants, etc and wait for the magic to happen. Making these at home is super easy. All you need are a few color dyes and plain fabric. You can experiment with various tie dying designs that can be found online and you can start selling them on Amazon, through your social media accounts or by creating your own website. You can even post videos of you making cool merchandise which can be posted on your website or your YouTube channel to gain visibility.
  1. Jewellery making – If you love making jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings then you can start making and selling these pieces online. You can easily purchase the raw materials online or by physically going to the store. You can start selling them on social media platforms where you receive orders and then deliver them or you can start selling them on amazon or through your own website. You can then use digital marketing tools to advertise your products and help receive more orders.
  1. Thrifting – Thrifting has become the new shopping method for many. Thrifting is a way in which you can sell your clothes which are in pristine condition at a discount. It’s believed that thrifting helps reduce the environmental impacts of shopping and has now become extremely popular. What originally began as a store to only sell clothes, it has since then evolved into selling jewellery pieces and more. To start a thrift store you can take clothes from your cupboard or from your friends and family. You can start by selling them online through social media platforms such as facebook and Instagram or simply create your own website through free website building apps such as WordPress that are available online.
  1. YouTube Vlogging – Becoming a youtuber is really easy and free! You can start your own cooking, designing, traveling channel, anything that you find interesting and make money from it. Becoming a youtuber is fairly easy however, turning it into a decent source of income requires hard work and dedication. All you need to start your own youtube channel is an email id and an adsense account. Youtube videos start getting monetized once you have more than 1000 subscribers and 4,000+ watch hours in a year. Once this limit is achieved ads will start playing on your videos.
  1. Start your own blog – If you love writing or have skills such as photography or art skills then you can start writing your own blog. Creating and maintaining your blog is easy and super beneficial as it can act as your own personal CV when you want to show it to potential recruiters. Advertise your blog through digital marketing tools such as on page and off page SEO, PPC by using relevant keywords on your blog and on your website. You can even start making money from your blogs by showing advertisements, by becoming an affiliate marketer, through subscriptions, through physical or digital product offerings and much more.
  1. Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketers are those who sell a product/ service of a brand through a unique link provided to them by the company. Affiliate marketers make money every time a purchase is made by a consumer using their link. The commission you receive will depend on the products that you sell and the kind of commission the company is willing to pay. Brands choose affiliate marketing as a way of advertising these days because this way they don’t have to pay any additional money to market their product. Affiliates do it for them.
  1. Influencer – Influencers are people who have a large number of followers online. Based on your liking you can choose to be the kind of influencer you want to be such as a fashion influencer, food influencer, lifestyle, body positivity influencer and more. As an influencer you may also be approached by many brands who want you to sell their product through your social media handles and websites. This is a great way of reaching a number of users through your content and having a large number of followers.
  1. Podcasting – A podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio which you can either download or listen to online. Making your own podcast is easy and can be done from your home. Podcasts are fairly new and are gaining more and more popularity so if you have a few topics in mind or stories to share with the world, then start your own podcast channel and make money from it. You can earn money through your podcasts by affiliate marketing, crowdfunding and donations, events, sponsors and advertising, etc.

In Conclusion

There are many other businesses which you can easily start online, according to us these are our top 10 business ideas for students which they can pursue whilst still studying. All it take start a business is a great idea and the motivation to stick through it even when things get tough.

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