Top 10 eCommerce Shipping Software Solutions for 2020

Business owners often invest a lot of money into marketing and put a lot of effort into generating leads and closing sales. Sellers make sure that they have a compelling copy, which is a reason why so many people use review websites like Online Writers Rating to find a good writer. Even though all these things are indeed very important for the success of your business, there is also another factor you should keep in mind: when you have many orders, you should manage and ship them. It’s not enough to have software that helps you get more customers because you should also finalize transactions.

Businesses that used to keep their shipping data in spreadsheets or write this information on paper try more effective approaches and install professional software. There are many programs that can integrate with various eCommerce apps, making the whole shipping process much simpler. Some apps can help you print labels or pack items, while others can calculate shipping rates or even help you get discounted shipping rates. Either way, your eCommerce business will be better for it. If you want to read about how to scale up your eCommerce business, read here.

Obviously, shipping software is useful. However, choosing the best solution for your business is often a challenging task. There is no eCommerce shipping app that would be better than any other solution, being equally effective for businesses of any kind. Therefore, we decided to make a list of the best eCommerce solutions in 2020 to help you make the right choice.

  1. ShippingEasy
    This is a very popular shipping solution for eCommerce companies. The main advantage of ShippingEasy is that it’s really easy to use. It works well for businesses of any size, and it will be a perfect solution for online merchants. This app allows you to quickly import orders, create shipments, and specify the necessary shipping parameters. It will also help you print shipping and postage labels.

Thanks to this program, you can also save a lot of money. For instance, ShippingEasy partners with USPS so that you can get 46% lower shipping rates. You can also use this solution to track your orders in real-time and to get inventory and shipment reports. The app easily integrates with WooCommerce, Shopify, eBay, BigCommerce, Volusion, and Amazon.

  1. Ordoro
    This is another popular inventory management shipping solution. Ordoro is especially popular among Shopify users and its dropshipping features are the main factor that makes it so popular among users. If you plan to dropship, you certainly need to consider this option. You can ship items from your suppliers, and you can also dropship from several suppliers by splitting orders automatically. It will be a good solution for small and medium businesses.

The program is simple to use. You only need to link your shopping cart to the account. After this, you’ll be able to sync the inventory and move your orders to Ordoro automatically. With this solution, you can work with orders from multiple channels. The app will also automatically send tracking numbers to your customers. In addition, it integrates with UPS, USPS, Amazon, DHL International, and FedEx.

  1. OrderCup
    The first advantage of this solution is an easy to use interface. The program also enables you to take advantage of discounted shipping rates and includes multi-carrier shipping options. This is a good solution for businesses that need up to 12 users on the platform and make 500-12,000 shipments a month.

When using this program, you can integrate your shopping cart so that all of your orders will be transferred to the OrderCup dashboard automatically. The app integrates with Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. OrderCup partners with DHL, USPS, DX, and UK Mail. In addition, you can integrate it with numerous worldwide shipping services that deliver to Australia, Asia, and Europe.

  1. Orderhive
    This is an eCommerce automation solution that simplifies shipping and includes an extensive set of tools for inventory management and management of orders. This software is easy to use and it has a friendly interface. Besides, it perfectly integrates with common marketplaces, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

This solution will help you streamline a whole range of business processes because it also perfectly integrates with accounting software and enables you to choose from among many popular shipping carriers. In addition, it includes a real-time inventory tracking system. You will also appreciate its customer support that is available 24/7.

  1. Sellbrite
    This is an inventory management platform created for small and medium-sized businesses. Although shipping management isn’t the main sales point of this solution, it integrates with Amazon and Ship Station. This cloud-based solution is easy to set up. In addition, it has an impressive set of customizable reporting options. However, it doesn’t include some common features that are often present in shopping-specific software, like the automation of label printing.
  2. Freightview
    This is another solution for small and medium-sized companies that use LTL freight. You can use this software to compare negotiated rates, automatically print shipping labels and bills of lading, track shipments, and create pickup schedules. This solution also integrates with many eCommerce platforms, including FedEx. In addition, it comes with advanced analytics and reporting features.
  3. Shippo
    This solution is very easy to use, while also having impressive functionality. This program will be especially appreciated by merchants with limited budgets because it allows you to ship up to 200 orders per month with no need to pay monthly fees. You will only have to pay postage plus five cents for each order.

Shippo also allows you to get discounts when using DHL and USPS. Besides, it provides you with discounted insurance rates. If you’re working with multiple eCommerce platforms, you won’t need to worry about integration issues because this program easily integrates with all the most common platforms.

  1. ShipRush
    If you’re looking for an affordable yet reliable solution, ShipRush is what you need. It will help you find the most cost-effective shipping options. Besides, this software supports many different types of shipping, including LTL shipping, freight shipping, and individual package shipping.
  2. Metapack
    This is a scalable platform that is intended for big brands and retailers. When a company works with dozens of carriers from all over the world, Metapack can serve as a single integration point. It has a web-based interface with a convenient design. However, some of its features might be difficult to navigate because of their complexity.
    This solution is different from others because it only integrates with USPS. This is a simple program for merchants and individuals who only want to use USPS but need some additional functionality. offers various discounts and freebies. Besides, it’s very easy to use and it integrates with 3dcart, Volusion, WooCommerce, PinnacleCart, and Shopify.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our list of the best eCommerce shipping software of 2020 will help you find a solution that meets your objectives. No matter what products you sell, shipping is always a very important factor for online merchants. Therefore, we recommend that you try solutions from our list to appreciate all the benefits of integration and automation.

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