What Is The Best Domain Name For An Online Store?

Why? The best domain name for an online store is a .store domain name of course! Pardon our directness but when it comes to telling it as it is, we can’t help it.

Why Should You Get  A .Store Domain Name?

If you have not read How To Choose A Domain Name, you absolutely should. As stated in the article, a domain name is like your business name. Therefore, a lot of thought and consideration should be invested while choosing a domain name. This is because if you get it wrong, you will not get relevant visits to your website.

Who Should Get A .Store Domain Name?

According to the global E-commerce statistics, approximately 1 billion users have made an online purchase in 2016. It does not look like there’s any slow down in online business.  Branding and marketing is a very important aspect of an Online store to bring about customer retention and gain new customers.

Therefore, if you exchange goods for money online, you absolutely need to get a .STORE domain name. A .store domain name tells everyone what your business is about so you most likely do not have to go through the hassles of explaining what your business is about.

A .store domain makes your website address more descriptive and meaningful. It also creates a distinctive space for your online brand and helps your brand connect with more online shoppers. It doesn’t matter is you already have a domain name for your online store, you can get a .store domain and direct traffic to your site using a .store domain.

What’s more? Are you into warehousing, storage facilities or you sell storage devices like flash drives, hard drives or more? You can also get a .Store domain name! You go that right. It is very affordable at just N2,300.


What are you waiting for? Get a .store domain name today on promos.whogohost.com now!

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