Here is why having a .COM makes your website rank higher.

A .com is the commonest domain extension in the world. Out of hundreds of domain extensions used in building websites, .com, .org, and .net are the most popular. This is because they are the oldest types of domain since the inception of the internet age. They are also called the Top-Level Domains (TLDs)

The overall goal of having a website is for visibility and traffic. To get these two things, your website must be seen at the forefront of keywords used on your websites. This is what is known as Search Engine Ranking. A search engine rank improves your business so SEO is important.

Okay, this is where it gets interesting.

Search Engines like Google love a .com because it is the oldest and largest domain in the internet world of business.

Having a .com domain not only makes your site easy to read and crawl, but it also creates authority amongst other domain types. This is why the competition and bid for a .com are higher than other types of domain. At WhoGoHost we are offering you a .com domain extension for just N3,000. You can get the Offer HERE

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a few exceptions but according to Google’s Head of Webspam in 2012. He said “Google has a lot of experience in returning relevant web pages, regardless of the domain extensions. Google will attempt to rank new TLDs appropriately, but I don’t expect a new TLD to get any kind of initial preference over .com.” So, why get another domain extension for your business when you can just get a .com and worry less about visibility.

If you run an NGO, or your company is less of business and more awareness, you can get a .ORG or a .NET as long as you are not keen on traffic to your website. It is, however, advisable to have a .com if you intend to compete with search results on search engines like Google. It automatically improves your SEO. I wrote a post about SEO and website crawling. You can read it here.

WhoGoHost has a promotional offer ongoing for its customers. You can get a .Com domain extension for N3,000/Year and Host your website for one month for as low as N500. Now is the time to put that idea into good use. Build the website, get a .com and host if online for everyone to see.

What are you waiting for? Get your .com domain extension now! Click here to get yours.

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