Whogohost Partners with Klump for easy payment

Whogohost is glad to announce that we have partnered with Klump to offer flexible payment to our customers. You can now order for products and services on Whogohost and pay in up to 4 instalments.

This partnership is great for people that want to buy Whogohost products and pay in instalments. Klump offers a flexible payment plan where you can pay in up to 4 instalments while you can continue to enjoy our products and services to the fullest. You can place your order for any product and service on Whogohost and spread your payment over 3 months.

This service only applies to invoices that are between N25,000 to N300,000. So for example, if need a N75,000 website from Whogohost, you can pay with Klump but if you are getting a premium shared hosting plan that is worth N8,000, then you can’t pay with Klump.

It is easy to set up a payment plan with Klump, there are no hidden fees, no application to download. All you have to do is to select the Klump payment option during checkout and you can enjoy the service to pay in instalments. 

So, just like you have been selecting other payment gateways like Rave, or Paystack when you are about to checkout, you can now select Klump that allows you to pay in up to 4 instalments.

How to Use Klump on Whogohost

Visit Whogohost website and select any product or service you wish to buy and pay in instalments. Please note that the Klump payment gateway only applies to invoices that are between N25,000 to N300,000. 

Click the drop down on the checkout box to switch between different payment gateways and select Klump. Make sure you select the “Pay with Klump” payment gateway. Failure to do this will result in full payment when you click to pay (with other options)

Once you have selected the “Pay with Klump” payment gateway, select CONTINUE to see a breakdown of how much will be deducted each month and what dates they will be deducted.

Once you are satisfied with the breakdown, click to agree with the terms and click on CONTINUE to proceed to register with Klump and submit your data. 

Verify your details and submit your Phone number, BVN, email address, Verification ID and contact address as collateral so as to be eligible for the loan

Once this has been completed, connect your bank account to Klump payment gateway and input your details for the first debit. 

Please note that, we do not share your data with Klump or Mono and all information shared on our website remains private and confidential. 

Read the data protection information displayed on the dashboard and click to continue if you are satisfied with the information

Select your bank from the list of banks listed and then proceed to make your initial deposit for the order. 

Voila, you are good to go and you can continue to enjoy your products and services to the fullest. 

We know you might have some questions and we are ready to answer whatever questions you might have concerning this. In the meantime, visit our website and checkout the new Klump payment gateway.

Thank you for choosing Whogohost, we look forward to doing great things together, as always.

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