Whogohost supports Techy Girls Foundation

Techy Girls Foundation is run by Alimi Alitayo whose vision is to empower young girls to pursue their dreams in technology. According to Techy Girls Foundation, research has shown that girls are as interested in technology as boys up until about the time they get admitted into Nursery/Primary school. By the time they get into secondary school, 50% of them tend (or are sometimes encouraged) towards health and homemaking activities.

By the time they head off to Senior Secondary, many girls with a tech bend have decided to pursue other fields of study which then transforms into what they ended up studying in their various institutions of higher learning. The Techy Girls Foundation creates a way to reach out to them when they are still “young and undecided” before they outgrow their interest in Technology.

What Went Down At Techy Girls Foundation?

The event which took place on the 26th of April, 2018, held in honor of International Girls in ICT Day. The theme of the programme was – Expand Horizons – Change Attitudes.  The aim of the event is to make young girls understand that it is okay to go into technology and still be celebrated in whatever technology field they find themselves.

Our COO Olawunmi Onabajo and our HR Onome Onifade were invited as mentors at the just concluded international girls in ICT Day celebration. Other Mentors present at the event were – Ms. Joan Oge; Applications Support specialist – Ibez Nigeria, Mrs. Nkiruka; CEO – DocHosts, Ms. Zainab Product Management Lead – Devcenter.

Fun Fact – Whogohost is made up of 60% women and we are all doing great in our respective fields.

Olawunmi Onabajo, COO Whogohost


Onome Onifade, HR Whogohost


The mentors talked about their journey into Technology and their fears. They also spoke about how they have been able to cope and excel in a male-dominated industry.

A cross-section of the Mentor’s from L-R Nkiruka Illewi, Onome Onifade, Olawunmi Onabajo, Zainab Arilesere

The students asked intelligent questions about how they can identify the right career in Technology. The young girls were interested in knowing how the mentors are able to manage their homes and career.  The girls also wanted to understand the importance of having a role model in the industry. Their mentors were very impressed with the quality of their questions and supplied answers.

Special Note To Every Woman

No matter how male-dominated the world may seem, you have to go out there and make it work for you. Do not be limited by your gender. Strive, keep pushing and you can conquer the world.


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