WordPress Hosting vs Web Hosting: Which is better?

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Many times, website owners are confused about which hosting is best for their business. A lot of people rely on web hosting companies to help them with the best option – and we will. This article is to help you understand the difference between “web hosting” vs “WordPress hosting”. Understanding it will help you decide on which is best for you. 

Web Hosting Explained

A detailed blog post, explains what web hosting is and how it can help your business. Simply put, web hosting is an online server where you store all your website files for easy access to the world wide web. Which means that web hosting is also a database server to keep your files running and accessible anytime you need it.

There are different types of web hosting packages and some of them are:

Shared Hosting

This is when you share server space with others on the main server partitioned into small spaces. It is the most affordable type of web hosting and it has added security to ensure that others on the same main server cannot get access to your hosting data and reselling services.

Cloud Hosting

This is a dynamic type of web hosting that we optimise to reduce downtime. We do this by nesting your website resources across different servers in case of a server malfunction or failure. Cloud hosting is common among websites with lots of traffic and people interested in owning a server at an affordable cost.

Dedicated Servers

As the name implies, dedicated servers are independent servers that give you the autonomy to configure it as you please. With dedicated servers, you have full control and complete privacy which makes the server performance entirely in your control. This is most common among large organisations and corporations invested in data security.

What is WordPress Hosting

Imagine a web hosting optimised solely for WordPress – Yes, that is WordPress hosting. You get all the features of a general web hosting service and more, except that, it is for WordPress content management systems.

At whogohost, we offer optimised WordPress hosting powered by Nginx and hosted on AWS. We optimise WordPress hosting to be two times faster than web hosting and also comes with WordPress preinstalled – if you like.

So which is Better?

Though they are considered to be somewhat similar, WordPress hosting comes with specific features, that is optimised for WordPress. Extra features like a one-click staging area for WordPress plugins pre-installed on your site, flexibility and scalability and also automatic WordPress and plugin updates are available for WordPress hosting.

Web hosting on the other hand is for those that need a generic web hosting and don’t have a knowledge of the WordPress CMS. Consider this when deciding between WordPress vs web hosting.

So, if you own a WordPress website, WordPress hosting is for you. If you don’t own any WordPress site, then web hosting is for you. If you own both a WordPress and a non-WordPress site and you’re planning on hosting one as an add on domain on the same hosting account, you can use WordPress hosting for both. Drop a comment and let me know which one you prefer.

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