You Can Now Make Payments On Our Website Using Paystack


You can now make easy and seamless payments on our website using the PAYSTACK payment gateway. Yep! You asked for it and because we always keep our word, we have delivered as promised. Payments on Paystack are recurring. This means that once you enter your card details to make a payment for the first time, you never have to enter your card details again. Next time you want to pay for a product or renew a product, you can easily pay without entering your card details.

The Cool Features That Makeup Paystack

Wondering what else makes Paystack so cool?

Ease: Unlike other payment gateways, when you fill in each required field (your card number, card expiry date and CVV) to make payment, the cursor automatically moves to the next field. What’s more? When you are typing in your card PIN, your request begins processing immediately after inputting the 4th digit. The whole experience and payment process is simple, smooth and easy to use.

Flexibility: Paystack works with  Zenith, Sterling, GTBank (737 and internet banking), First City, Fidelity, Diamond and Access bank. If you enable auto cc, your invoices will be paid for automatically without you having to apply for payments yourself.

Security:  Just like the Amplify payment gateway, when making payments with your bank details, a token is stored and not the card or bank details.

Simplicity: One of the amazing features of making payments with Paystack is that you can make payments by simply inputting your account number. Say you want to make a payment for a product using the Paystack payment gateway and you do not have your debit card with you, all you have to do is input your account number and a token will be sent to your phone number. You will be able to pay for the items in your cart as soon as you input the token sent to your phone.


Don’t just take our word, place an order and make a payment using the Paystack payment gateway on our website today.

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