Google Workspace, the future of work

Recently, we wrote a post on how to increase work productivity while working remotely with a focus on Microsoft 365. But today, we will be looking into another highly effective tool that can aid your productivity remotely. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic held the world at a standstill, we keep hearing the future of work is here. But what does this really mean? 🤔

Well, as we all know towards the end of the 1st quarter of 2020, the way work is perceived all around the world was changed forever. No walls, no barriers. This made Google begin to reimagine the way work is done and this birthed Google Workspace from the G Suite we all knew.

Over the last 15 years, Google’s products kept constantly evolving. Their goal is to have a paperless and digitally connected world as inspired by the web of a spider, hence the introduction of Google Workspace, a flexible, helpful, and innovative solution that helps people, companies, schools, nonprofits, and governments in any industry be it financial, educational, healthcare, transport, technology, hospitality, entertainment, etc securely connect, create and collaborate together in order to transform how everything, not just work from anywhere on the planet and via any internet-connected device.

Google Workspace provides a single, integrated experience for everyone to stay in touch, share ideas, and get more done together every day. It comprises of apps like Gmail, Chat, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Meet, and more, all under one umbrella to improve communication, creativity, and collaboration.

It is kind of hard to keep track of things or make progress on what matters when you have to juggle a variety of decentralized apps and tools to stay connected. It causes one to lose focus and reduces effectiveness.

From creating a secure collaboration space in Google Chat to keeping everyone up-to-date, sharing ideas, and keeping track of all your important info in one place, from videos and pictures of your last trip, to a Google Sheet of your family’s annual budget. With smart suggestions helping you bring in recommended files and quickly including the right people with @-mentions, whether you’re drafting a message in Gmail or Google Docs and quickly assign roles and next steps to the whole group or scheduling a meeting invite in a shared Calendar. And if your project calls for a spontaneous conversation, you can quickly present the Doc, Sheet or Slide you’re working on together directly into a Google Meet call with just one click right. Use Rooms in Google Chat as a central place to connect, create and collaborate with others, even on a document within chat. If you require to host large virtual meetings or webinars, you can make use of Google Meet even to record and save them. You can also compare documents and do Voice Typing in Google Docs.

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By the way, there is also a large Marketplace with many third-party addons that can be used to extend the features and capabilities of Google Workspace to even make you more productive.

Google Workspace comprises majorly of but not limited to the following; Gmail, Google Chat, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Tasks, Google Sites, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Youtube, Apps Script, Jamboard, etc

The applications are highly secure and have an admin panel where you can control access to services, manage users and their connected devices.

With Google Workspace, the offerings are tailor-made to meet your unique needs, budget and help you easily get started. The different plans (SKUs) support businesses of all sizes from as little as a one-man small business with simpler requests to a very large enterprise with more complex and unique needs with requirements for more support. Don’t you worry, Google got your back?

The main SKUS/plans are as follows: 

  1. Google Workspace Business: This comes with email & cloud storage (30GB – 5TB), online meetings & chat, document editors, event scheduler, mobile device management for up to 300 users and many other tools to build & manage your business IT needs.
  2. Google Workspace Enterprise: This has all the features of Business, unlimited email & cloud storage, live streaming, data loss prevention (DLP) and many more with higher enterprise grade security for unlimited users.

Learn more about Google Workspace plans & features

You can also plugin and use Single sign-on (SSO) to easily sign in to 3rd party applications with a single ID using your Google email address without having to store a unique password or authentication details for each one of the services to access them.

All in all Google Workspace is a world-class Omni-solution developed to help you create, collaborate and communicate better from anywhere via any device.

Click here if you would like to transfer to Google Workspace.

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