According to the WordCamp site, there are currently over 75 million sites that use WordPress,  it is safe to say that WordPress is the most used plugin for designing a website. 

Just like every other plugin , WordPress will also encounter some issues from the users which can be minor or Major.

Some of the issues can be :

  • WordPress not sending emails
  • Error 404
  • Connection timed out
  • WordPress not uploading images 
  • WordPress internal server error 
  • WordPress memory exhausted error etc 

These issues are issues that most WordPress users never understand how to fix and most times they get stuck trying to fix it themselves .

With a service like “Managed WordPress” you can be sure to get all your WordPress issues fixed with us. 

To get your WordPress fixed with us, you will get the opportunity to get the following features below depending on the package you choose.

Here are some of the features of our Managed WordPress service:

  • Major / Minor changes on the website like addition of new features within the measurable framework of the existing CMS as agreed by Whogohost while Minor changes include size adjustment, change of placement, colour or text change and image replacements.  
  • Server maintenance
  • Theme update
  •  Securing your compromised WordPress website

In conclusion 

You can now get all your WordPress issues fixed with Whogohost.

Click HERE to get started now !

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